"The most beautiful work of man
is to be helpful to others."


Fondazione Pizzarotti comes from the desire to promote a culture of collaboration, intended as an opportunity to contribute in a participatory way to the improvement of the living conditions in our time.

For us, at the core basis of "being of help", lays not just the fortune but especially the will to be an active and conscious part of society's growth and common well-being.

Starting from this vision, the solidarity and the supporting activities are not imagined as aids to stranger and distant worlds, but rather are driven by the conviction that every reality - including the most different and far – involves us directly starting from the human level.

This way co-operations and projects come to life. Aimed at supporting disadvantaged childhood and adolescence, disadvantaged areas, but also culture, social co-existence and knowledge, as foundations and engines of the society in which we live, in which our children will live.

For us philanthropy and economic aid are not utopia nor hope in a different world, but rather certainty that with active gestures proportionated to each of us, the world can still be a simply better place, for everyone.