The Coop project Si Può Fare "Dedalo. Il labirinto delle esperienze", one of the winners of the Trovarsi 2020 public call, is about to start.

The aim of the project is to identify young people at risk of school drop-out, in agreement with teachers and families, as they leave secondary school, to carry out summer group experiences that help develop metacognitive skills, and to assist the group during the first months of integration into the new school.

Dedalo's main aim is to support young people in the transition to high school in order to prevent early school leaving by strengthening life skills and social skills, which are indispensable at all stages of life (ability to solve problems, make decisions, development of creative thinking, critical sense, interpersonal skills, self-knowledge, empathy).

Through these activities it will be possible to foster the relationship between school and families, making easy the communication and mediation between them; building with the schools a system of evaluation of the children that also includes their abilities outside school.

March will see the start of meetings to present this project at the Malerba school in Fornovo Taro (PR).