Call for projects in support of families in need and social coexistence.

Fondazione Pizzarotti announces its first public call for projects in support to families in need and social cohabitation. The great social and economic changes of our time have led to a progressive marginalization of the individual over the community. Fondazione Pizzarotti considers it vital to rediscover the positive value of relationships and coexistence between different cultures.

In line with its Mission, with the Public Call “Insieme", the Foundation aims to contribute to improve the living conditions of families in difficulty, strengthen social ties and encourage participation among individuals, including through involvement of disadvantaged groups of the population in the collective life.


The public call will lead to the provision of € 100,000 - over the 3-years period 2017-2019 - in support of projects proposing adapt and sustainable solutions to benefit families in situations of weakness and in the presence of minors, throughout the province of Parma.

Project submissions may come from Volunteer Organizations, Associations of Social Promotion, Social Cooperatives etc, but also from independent informal groups. In all cases, projects shall deploy/have a minimum duration of at least 24 months.

Each proposal will be assigned a set of scores according to specific parameters, including feasibility of the idea, innovation, perspectives of continuity and development, and others. The overall score will determine the winner of the funds available.

All the details of the evaluation criteria and other useful details are available at the links below, from which the Bando itself is also viewable.

To submit application, is necessary to download from its link below the form that must be completed, signed and sent to no later than by 1 o’clock pm GMT, on October 30th 2017.

Fondazione Pizzarotti believes in the development of welcoming communities promoting mutual cooperation and assistance, as a concrete response to the uncomfortable conditions of contemporary society. The invitation to participate is extended to institutions as well as to private individuals.