A right that must be guaranteed to all the children

Children are the most important resource for the world. One day they will lead it and they will engage for its progress.

The right to education is enacted by The U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights and is recognized as a basic, inalienable right for every person. So it should be granted to every child as mean for their emancipation and for the future of society.

Although we often think of denied education as a problem corcening only the developing countries, last reports have underlined that also in many areas of Italy there are social and cultural contexts where education isn't considered a priority for children’s development.

According to research conducted by Istat for Save The Children, the tough economics conditions of many Italian families negatively influence the education of their children, therefore conditioning the cognitive development of the soon-to-be adults.

Istat reveals that the poorest families deal with a very reduced budget (7 euro) for the purchasing of the scholastic material (books,notebooks etc.)

It seems this way clear how the economic disparities have a central role in the setting of the education of children and adolescentes.

The joined report issued by Eurydice & Cedefop reveals in fact that “ early school leavers  are strongly connected to the social and economic disadvantages”.

Minors who grow up in families lacking suitable resources, risk to have no access to higher level education, to school trips and more in general to the fundamental services necessary for their development.

Moreover, the report from Eurydice & Cedefop underlines how the low levels of parents’ education can negatively affect the children’s level of education: “six children in ten who have parents with a low level of instruction risk poverty and social exclusion, and for these reasons they might experience educational disvantage and early school leave”.

All this underlines the key importance of school, in particular and more so in the case of children coming from disadvantaged families.

Also for these reasons, Fondazione Pizzarotti considers essential to guarantee the right to education of the little ones.

It 's crucial to help children with focused studies, to promote educational activities sustainable for all, to educate parents to the importance of instruction through the promotion and development of initiatives oriented to support them.
Institutions firstly but also teachers, parents and all citizens have the responsibility, the duty, to contribute actively to the formative development of each child.