Borned 15 years ago from an idea of adopted parmesan Clèophas Adrien Dioma, the festival Ottobre Africano is considered one of the most important Italian events concerning the promotion of the culture, the history and the socio-economic qualities of Africa, through the release of positive models of constructive integration.

Through initiatives of high socio-cultural interest, the activity of Ottobre Africano  received  the support of associations, NGOs, entrepreneurs and artists of talent, Italians and not.

With the support of Fondazione Pizzarotti, after the large events of Rome and Milan, Dioma and his association Le Réseau, bring the festival to Parma with a kermesse titled “The colors of the future”, planned for Friday October 27th at the Wopa Temporary Space.

Meetings, tastings, runway shows and music with the concert of two among the most appreciated African artists internationally: Baba Sissoko and daughter Dijana, whose melodies of tribal rhythms mix with jazz and blues sounds.

The 2017 edition's topic is “Diaspora, cultures in movement."

The originating thought behind Le Réseau and Ottobre Africano is shared by Fondazione Pizzarotti who believes in the importance of giving voice to a multiculturalism that brings values to the receiving country as much as to the immigrant community, proposing positive examples aimed to the best possible development of our society today and tomorrow.

Geographic and cultural diversities, therefore thought of not only as distances and difficulties, but as well as values and social resources, part of a balanced historical and economic exchange.

“The colors of the future” rapresents an opportunity to come across realities otherwise often separated on prejudices and mutual suspicion, promoting instead the principle of a positive plurality perceived as source of growth.

Other sponsors of the 2017 edition are Amref Health AfricaBPER BancaVoci di Confine and the Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development , as co-financing istitution.