Ottobre Africano 2019

FP's support to Le Réseau association continues, as part of the "Ottobre Africano" initiatives.

The collaboration starts from a shared vision: the need of educating to an inter-ethnic coexistence that maximizes the value of diversity, contributing to a society free of prejudice and discrimination.

Media campaigns and news that accompany the migration phenomenon often worsen fears and suspicions, while the widespread message ends up stigmatizing entire populations based on individual behavior. The result - no matter the origin of the immigrant - is a process of integration undermined by a marked distance between the foreign and the hosting community, with consequences negatively impacting them both.

In this context, the school assumes a central role as a place of formation of the fundamental tools of the individual and his/her values, including those aimed at avoiding divisions and discrimination based on ethnic, linguistic, religious and cultural grounds.

No cohabitation or cultural enrichment is possible, if not starting from learning socialization dynamics based on principles of inclusion and mutual respect.

This is how the "Colors of the Future" project was born. A path of school meetings with entrepreneurs, writers, artists and successful sportsmen - Italians and foreigners - who will tell their stories of immigration with different expressive languages. Images, videos, texts and poems to create a space in which is possible to listen, take example and tell each other, leading the students to their personal re-elaboration.

The program saw the participation among others of Mohamed Ba (Senegal), Antonio Dikele Distefano (Italia/Angola), Djana Sissoko (Italy/Mali) and Obehi Chris (Nigeria), Judicael Ouango (Burkina Faso) and Takoua Ben Mohamed (Tunisia), Gordon Mensah (Italy / Ghana), Kiasi Sandrine Emmepiutiu (Italy / Congo), Mehret Tewolde (Eritrea), Edwige Gwend and Mario Balotelli (Italy).
Under the patronage of the Municipality of Parma, the 2019 edition of Ottobre Africano relied on the collaboration of the Federale Youth Center of Parma, the Samarcanda Aggregative Center, the WOPA and the IPSIA and Melloni institutes.