October 2018

Theatre is a form of expression with ancient roots, born from the necessity of divulgating thoughts and emotions. To put in contact young children with it since there early age, is an experience which enriches them, stimulating their innate creativity and imagination.

Today's educational relevance of theatre is especially to show children true, phisically present people, capable of creating humans relationship with a public. It is an extraordinary opportunity to educate to an authentic and emotional life, not only meant as emotions, but also as a dimension in which one's knowledge becomes deeper.

To do theatre is to exhort to research, to a more curious attitude, open to challenges. It's to offer the opportunity to live the self with awarness of one's own potentialities and limits, while developing free, critic and responsible personalities. To do theatre is also to introduce the young to the taste of art, to the recognition of cultural identities, own and of foreign. To the comprehension of diversity and its value, to be seen not as a danger, but as human heritage and value. To do theatre is to educate.

This is why Fondazione Pizzarotti, with the fundamental support of Chiesi Farmaceutici, this year has chosen to sustain the afternoon festival DomenicAteatro 2018/2019 of Teatro di Fontanellato, promoted by the cultural association Progetti e Teatro, dedicated to children from 3 years old and up.

Four Sunday appointments dedicated to families, children and teenager; four different stories that project the young public in a world where everything can happen and time can be stopped, or quickened.
The first date is Sunday, October 28th with Rigoletti, followed by Alice nella scatola delle meraviglie on December 2nd, Valentina Vuole on January 27th and Sulla morte senza esagerare on March 10th. Each performance will start at 4.00 p.m.
In a world where images appear more important than what's behind appearances, to educate the new generations to sincerity, simplicity and the importance of true relationships, seems more urgent than ever.