Words like "home" and "family" are words learned and understood from an early age, when one starts to represent a house, a man or a woman. While for many they are undisputable essentials in life, for many others these are infinitely precious luxuries that they can't allow themselves to feel as theirs.

The orphanage "Flamme d'amour du Coeur immaculeé de Marie" was opened in 2007 in Goma, Congo, thanks to the efforts of Mother Alvera Gahinyuza, a nun of the Carmelite Order of Saint Teresa who dedicated her life to the La Flamme d'Amour movement.

The conditions in which the hosted children lived were however very precarious: there was no drinking water nor electric energy. The houses were dilapidated shacks without even hygienic services.

Fondazione Pizzarotti is proud to have initiated a collaboration with the association "Con Loro e Per Loro" from Parma (Italy), in order to support the project "Una casa per i bambini a Goma".

In February 2016, work began aimed to turning the orphanage into a real home with all the necessary and indispensable services to welcome the little ones who live in the streets of Goma.
The project was prepared by local technicians and the work was carried out by local staff.

Thanks to the contribution of Fondazione Pizzarotti it was also possible to equip the orphanage of a nursery for the smaller ones and a clinic for medical examinations where to shelter the ill children.

In July 2017 children finally entered their new house and today the orphanage lodges 86 children.

The Children’s house rapresents for these children a new opportunity: there they will find not only a bed and food, for them the structure will also be a place where to learn and socialize in a protect place, where they can grow up and feel loved as each child deserves to be.