The transformations we are experiencing have generated and generate new forms of insecurity for the individual, increased vulnerability for a large part of the population and a worrying process of progressive fragmentation of communities.
Furthermore, the health emergency covid-19 of early 2020 has exposed even more the fragility of everyone, particularly intensifying the problems of those who were already experiencing a condition of marked difficulty and weakness

One of the effects of this transformation is the spreading of educational poverty, with various manifestations that are evident in the social relationships and school paths of the children and teens, the adults of tomorrow. Last but not least, a significant increase in early school dropout and the emergence of alienation syndromes such as NEET, are causes and consequences.

With the Trovarsi 2020 call, the Pizzarotti Foundation offers its contribution by welcoming and supporting proposals for projects aimed at enhancing relationships and the fight against educational poverty, better if designed so as to generate forms of reciprocity and support.

The call provides for a total disbursment of € 125,000.00 over the period 2020-2022, for projects to help families who are in conditions of marked relational, educational and material poverty in the fulfillment of their educational duties on minors, in the Province of Parma. Particular focus is also dedicated to the problems of the disadvantaged 6-16 years old in regard of school dropouts, social isolation and/or shortcomings in educational opportunities.

Trovarsi is open to voluntary organizations, associations and social cooperatives, but informal groups of private individuals may also submit their proposals.

The projects must have a maximum development/duration of 24 months. Fondazione Pizzarotti will remain available for any kind of assistance through its page contacts.

All the details relating to the evaluation criteria and other useful information can be consulted directly in the announcement downloadable at the links at the bottom of this page. At the dedicated link the form which must be completed, signed and sent to no later than 1pm on June 15th 2020.

Fondazione Pizzarotti believes that through the development of paths aimed at social inclusion and the creation of networks of mutual support, it is possible to contribute to generating more responsible and supportive communities, starting from the education of the individuals who will constitute tomorrow's communities.