February 2018

Fondazione Pizzarotti supports for Teatro delle Briciole “Serata al Parco - Proposte di teatro contemporaneo” the play “Le Avventure di Numero Primo” by Marco Paolini, on stage in Parma in the 42nd year of life of the city’s avantgard theater production house.

Numero Primo (Prime Number) is a story that tells about a probable future made of things, beasts and humans reshuffled together as if playing cards.
Numero Primo is also the nickname of the lead character, son of Ettore, a freelance photographer of uncertain mother.

But even things and beasts have voices and thoughts in this story.

Marco Paolini and Gianfranco Bettin, co-authors of this play produced by Jolefilm, started from a few questions: what is our relationship with the evolution of technologies? How much time of our life do they occupy? what questions do we make about the rhythm they impose on us in order to follow them, and what questions instead we leave behind? How fine is the line between the biological intelligence and the artificial one?

It's a new sci-fi, full of ironic imagination and acute sensibility dear to the public, the one that Marco Paolini tells to inaugurate a new cycle of his much beloved Album. This first episode tells in an imaginary future scenario, the story of an exceptional child and his father, their genuine relation in a comically apocalyptic Italy, where the technological revolution will be completed and the primary school will be dedicated to Steve Jobs.

A story that takes place in a future set 5000 days forward which, despite the great technological innovations, sets in the center the father-son relationship and the humanity that goes beyond every border, affirming the strenght and the beauty of feelings able to stay intact even in a age dominated by robots. A story that shows the enchantment of children and their ability to remind us what we, with time, have forgotten.


Photos by Marco Caselli Nirmal